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People at Magen David Square, 1932

Hagalil [later: Mapu] Street, corner of Ben Yehuda Street, 1932

Crushing rocks for gravel production near the Yarkon estuary, 1932

Mahalul neighbourhood, 1932

Tel Aviv beach facing the silhouette of Old Jaffa, 1932

Intersection of Nahalat Binyamin, Sheffer and Grusenberg Streets, 1932

Chess players at Café San Remo, 1932

The Great Synagogue and Allenby Street during a Hanukkah rally, 1932

Nahalt Binyamin Street, 1932

Yemenite boys, Herzl Street, 1932

A fisherman at Tel Aviv beach, 1934

Camel caravan near the Yarkon estuary, 1932

Tel Aviv beach, 1932

A family in front of Hotel San Remo, 1932

Bedouin girls, Allenby Street, 1932

Tel Aviv Town Hall at Bialik Street, 1932

Porters, Jaffa-Tel Aviv Road, 1932

Digging sand for building construction, the Yarkon estuary, 1932

Boys, the Yemenite Quarter, 1932

Young ladies, the Yemenite Quarter, 1932

A family, the Yemenite Quarter, 1932

Kids riding a donkey, Allenby Street, 1932

Yemenite immigrant, 1935

A young lady, 1935

Tel Aviv sea promenade, 1935

Mother and son, the Yemenite Quarter, 1932

Rothschild Boulevard 118 reflected on a Dodge hubcap, 1932

Sunset on Tel Aviv beach, 1932

Hakarmel [later: King George the V] Street, 1932

Telephone net workers, 1932

A bus on Allenby Street, 1932

Tel Aviv beach, 1932

Tel Aviv beach, 1932

Kerosene seller, Jaffa-Tel Aviv Road, 1932

Traffic police, Magen David Square, 1932

Tel Aviv beach, 1934

A boy, 1932

A dog, 1932

A young lady, 1932

Newspaper vendor, 1932

A young lady, 1932

Salame Road near Florentine neighborhood, 1935

Construction of one the Polish Pavilions at the 1934 Levant Fair

Electricity net workers, 1935

Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, 1932

Generations, 1932

Hayarkon Street, 1932

Fundraising for firefighters on Mograbi Square, 1932

Keeper of the Abd Al-Nabi Muslim Cemetery, 1932

Herzliya Gymnasium Morning Parade, 1934

Cinema Mograbi, 1932

Magen David Square, 1932

Corner of Hayarkon and Mapu streets, 1932

Hakarmel [later: King George the V] Street, 1932

Construction site, Hayarkon Street, 1932

"The Blue Villa", Bialik Street, 1932

Camels carry sea sand for construction, 1934

Bedouin girls, Herzl Street, 1932

Tel Aviv beach, 1932

Looking at film stills near Cinema Mograbi, 1932

Paving a new extension of Allenby Street, 1932

Kruskal House, Corner of Hess and Idelsohn streets, 1932

Boys near a restaurant, 1932



A billboard, Rothschild Boulevard, 1932



Café Sapir, Allenby Street, 1932



Ing. Emil Hirsch in front of his home, corner of Balfour and Ahad HaAm streets, 1932

Girls at beach, 1932

Reading newspaper, Rothschild Boulevard, 1932

Photographer's parents near the construction site of the 1934 Levant Fair

Traffic police, Magen David Square, 1932

Moshe Ben-Sira [Schiffmann], 1932

An abandoned Sukka, 1932

The Yemenite Quarter, 1932

Histadrut [Workers' Union] election advertisement, 1932

Nahalat Binyamin Street, 1932

Reading a letter, 1932

The Hebrew Worker statute under construction, 1934 Levant Fair

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